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October Newsletter - 2022

Hello Team!! Thank you so much for investing in the lost and least-reached across the ocean and across the street! We love you and are so grateful for your generosity and faith to see this through!!!
We are officially Matched for Adoption!!!
We are absolutely thrilled and so very honored to announce that we are officially matched with an amazing expectant Mom & Dad!!! Thank you so much for joining with us in prayer and patiently waiting on God's timing with us! Please continue to pray for them & their family, baby, and us as we all walk through the adoption journey together!!! This is SO exciting!!!

Testimonies from the Streets of Colorado Springs!!!
How God Pursues us!!!
Meet Nick, he was very discouraged from trying to serve God while not able to gain freedom for himself when our team met him. He'd been traumatically abused during his childhood and the abuse has continued throughout his life. He said that every time he talks to a Christian about his problems, they tell him he has to do more, read more, and work harder to try to find God; he's just done.

We know that God pursues us. That God is the hero in our story and it's not about us doing more and following religious rules to attain salvation or peace. After several minutes of listening and validating his life-long hurts, a student spoke up about how her life had similarities to his story. We told him that he doesn't have to do anything "for God" in this season of his life and that his prayer could simply be, "what do you want to talk about today God"? We prayed for the enemy's assignments to be broken off and he felt peace and spiritual oppression lift off. The Holy Spirit fell on him heavy and he said that he'd never experienced feeling anything when other people had prayed for him. He was very grateful and left the conversation with, "I think I will talk to the Holy Spirit". 
Peace from the Curses of witchcraft!!
We met these guys during an evangelism time with our secondary school (SOSM). They had been drinking and just angry with life. They were shouting very inappropriate things while people were shopping with their families and kids. You can notice from the picture the contrast of how beautiful the day was and how tormented these two guys were. A lot of people that aren't familiar with Colorado Springs are unaware of how much witchcraft is done here. Out pastor at our local church says there's more witchcraft here than in third world countries. It's one of the first things God showed us about the area when we moved here. But, the Holy Spirit can bring peace to any situation so we prayed as we walked by them.

We knew it wasn't the right time to approach them yet. We prayed with some other people and came back to them after a few minutes. I just said, "Hi guys, I'd like to pray for protection over you". They didn't say much because they were laying down at the time. I begin to just ask the Father for protection for them and that curses of witchcraft would be broken off them among other things. The guy with the sunglasses got up immediately, so grateful that someone recognized the spiritual oppression, he hugged me for a while and just felt seen by us and God at the same time. It was an amazing moment and example of how God let us recognize his felt need of protection and meeting him where he is!!!

Download Signal App and connect with us!!
We would love to connect with you through Signal private messenger!
Please click on the link, download, and add yourself to the Devine Calling group. We will also send requests to join. Shari and I feel like this will be an amazing interactive way to share stories, resources, and connect us all to what God is doing in the neighborhood and in the nations in addition to our newsletters!!

We plan for this to be a platform to encourage one another and share resources. We can share images, pdf's, gifs, short videos, and a lot more!

Since the loss of Mike this summer, we have not been able to fund-raise as much as we hoped. We wanted to be be able to meet with more partners and potential partners while we were in town, instead, we spent most of the summer with Mike in ICU and helping Christa after Mike passed away. We so appreciate each of you, your understanding, and our friends & family we didn't get to see while in town.

We need to build our team! Please click on our support link and prayerfully consider giving monthly. All support is greatly appreciated and needed.

Again, thank you for all of your support and understanding through this long summer. The love, support, and understanding has been incredible❤

We are SO grateful to be a part of what the Lord's been doing and have all of you with us. Thank you all so much for taking your time to read these newsletters. We hope they are encouraging!!! We are always open to advice and would love your feedback!
With Love & Grateful Hearts,
Matt, Shari, Julia, Ryan, Arabella, & baby Devine


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